Saturday, April 01, 2006

Something for the weekend

Three quick things in this tidy up post - one I am co-hosting (if that is the role) another CIO round table event in Toronto this evening. I will be extremely interested as to how these attendees differ or compare with those at the previous events in Beverley Hills, New York and Atlanta.

Second - I spotted what I thought was the funniest (though unintentional) headline I have seen for a long time in a press release from Hyland " Enterprise Content Management - the backbone of a paperless environment ". You would have figured that by now people would have learned to avoid the paperless or less-paper office concept like the plague.

Thirdly - I read what I think is probably the oddest 'analyst' report on the topic of WCM & ECM I have ever read (and I have read some corkers in my time), so odd is it that it is worth a mention. The report from Butler group - link below - was clearly written by someone who has little grounding in the topic, and had no basis to write on the history or development of the software. Why this annoys me so much is that after being an analyst myself for so long, I know that far too many take the words of 'analysts' as gospel. Tread with great caution when taking advice from analysts!

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