Friday, January 18, 2008

8 things you didn't know about me!

I have been tagged by Jesse Wilkins - this is my second time to be tagged - hence I shan't tag anyone else at the close of this one, and shall attempt to avoid repetition of the tags...(enough tags in one sentence?)

So here goes:-

1: I am a collector of vintage photography - and would also collect contemporary photography if it were more affordable. My collection hinges around two key things - the work of Angus Mcbean and a broader collection of the portraitists of the Hollywood era - Clarence Bull, Eugene Richee, Ernest Bachrach, Hurrell etc

2: I am a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist (DCH LCCH) - and began training as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist in London - one day I hope to return to this study.

3: I have read every book in the Bible (all 66) back to front - literally in my case as I started with the New Testament :-) It took me 2 years....

4: My favorite place in all the world is/are the Western Islands of Scotland (Mull, Iona and Gigha)

5: I once sang lead vocals in a post punk band called the Blue Movies, I currently sing as a bass in our Church choir

6: I saw some success as an artist/photographer in the late 80's - my work was shown across the UK - and I became C list famous in Russia and The Netherlands ( I have the posters to prove it! )

7: I am crazy about Rugby League (Leeds Rhinos) and will be traveling to Jacksonville, Florida in a couple of weekends to watch their World Club Championship warm up match against the South Sydney Rabitoes (Russell Crowe is the owner)

8: I love cooking and am (like Jesse) a pretty serious foodie - I can cook pretty good Indian and Italian - my all time favorite food dish is Mutter Paneer -with warm puri's

With this - my rants on the CMS Watch blog and my entries on Facebook I am in danger of having no more secrets - the mystery will have evaporated.....