Friday, June 16, 2006

Oracle Annoucements on ECM

Not going to say much about this weeks big annoucement from Oracle, as I have had some involvement throughout the process and have long been an advisor to Oracle. Sufice to say that I agree 100% with Connie Moore of Forrester in her quote regarding this - it's a landmark event.

I have long held the view that the core management of unstructured data should be at the database/infrastructure level. That does not mean that there is no room in the picture for dedicated specialists such as OpenText, Documentum and FileNet - far from it I think if they embrace this and reposition accordingly they could see their businesses grow substantially. Whether they do or not (in fairness OpenText already is doing so) is a different matter.

Just an end of week observation - I have run into 3 major project situations this week - none of which was labelled ECM, but each of which turned out to be. Again I am not sure this ECM labelling works, except for those of us already 'in the know'.

There are a whole bunch of specialist business processes that work around and utilize managed data sources (structured or unstructured) and some of those processes are very content specific (Web Content Management and Records Management for example) - some (many even) require specialist applications to drive them, but whether this is ECM or not is my issue. ECM for me is 'Enterprise' Content Management, the central service that sits beneath these applications and processes, that stores and manages the lifecycle of content.

The rest are specialist business applications that feed from the content repositories.....

Its been a long week - and next week is Florida/Texas/Nevada - some very interesting times I am sure but as the Wipro Lear Jet is currently in the shop, it will be economy on AA, Jetblue and United for me :-(

Oh and also next week (Wednesday 2pm EST) - You can listen to my nasally English tones as I will presenting a webinar (with my colleague Shelley Leftwich) for AIIM on Next Generation Customer Service Web for the Insurance Sector.

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