Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Some excellent discussions on BPM/ECM on this Blog!

Some great blog discussions here - links below (really!):



Open Source ECM

Phil Ayers, Apoorv, John Newton, George P, James McGovern, Walt, Kevin, Deshetc etc please accept my apologies, since putting in a monitoring function for comments its all gone pear shaped.....I didn't know you guys had been posting comments (I didn't see them) so just thought I was unloved :-)
I have tried to ensure all your comments are now published, along with my response if there was one........

There are a bunch of others worth reading around India and Rendering (not rendition to India!)
all frankly much more interesting than my original blog entries :-)

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James McGovern said...

Don't worry, moderation is something that many bloggers have to do periodically...