Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Farewell Wipro - Hello CMS Watch

Well today it became official, I am joining CMS Watch, and as of the middle of next week I will be starting work on a new ECM Report....

Press Release

I will miss Wipro very much - it is a truly wonderful and quirky firm that has been amazingly supportive to me. I hope I have added value in my time here....and also hope to continue working together somehow in the future.

My email will change to aps@cmswatch.com

As for this blog, it will remain active and I will continue to use it for my occasional rants and meandering thoughts - but will also now blog on ECM specific topics on CMS Watch.

Wish me luck!


Jesse Wilkins said...

Congratulations, Alan! I look forward to seeing your stuff on CMS Watch.

apoorv said...

Alan - Congrats and best of luck. We'll miss you though in Wipro

George Parapadakis said...

Great to see you back in your natural habitat... I'm against endangered species being kept in captivity. :-)

I look forward to the new blog.

James McGovern said...

Congrats on your new position. Hopefully, you can now post EEOC numbers of your past employer :-)

alan pelz-sharpe said...

Don't know what the EEOC number would be, but we try pretty hard to recruit across the board in the US and Europe - sometimes I think the prejudices are on the prospective employees side of things.
Nice to also note how many women in senior positions at Wipro - and Indian company but one I think with good intentions and really wanting to be diverse and welcoming.
Remember James, I am an Englishman and they recruited me :-)

Kashyap said...


Wipro will miss your sage counsel.

Hope we get to see the book version of "Doing IT better" in the near future.