Wednesday, January 17, 2007

5 Things Game

I have been Tagged by Russ Stalters - to share five things that you probably don't know about me.... It's a game that has been going around the blogsphere (and I too will tag some others at the end). Anyway I am game, so here goes:-

1: Before getting into the sexy and glamorous world of document management, I was a writer and artist. I had some success as an artist (photography - new topographic influenced) in the UK and Europe (most notably in Russia and The Netherlands) - and interviewed many of the most famous jazz musicians of the day (Chucho Valdez was my favorite)

2: I coined the phrase Acid Jazz. This happened in a recording studio in London's Soho when we were working on a proposed TV program that focused on the emerging Jazz dance and Latin Jazz scene in London clubs. (note that Gilles Peterson the famous DJ and Producer also has some claim to this as he was working with me that day in the studio)

3: I did not drive a car till I was in my thirties and failed my driving test twice before passing (its much harder to pass the test in the UK - honest)

4: I am in my early to mid forties but have been married for 25 years this March

5: I designed the car parking system for Glastonbury Festival (Europe and I think the World's largest rock/music festival). I did this after spending 2 hours in cold rain trying to find my car in various farmers fields. The organizer Michael Evis loved my plan (color and zone coded), thanked me personally and have used it ever since - and I never even got a free ticket for the next years festival.......

Thought I might take this tag to new waters (India and AR) so:

Apoorv Durgha , Duncan Chappel , Barbara French , Duncan Brown and Pranshu Jain - you are it!

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