Thursday, March 26, 2009

Why did I leave Facebook?

This week I deleted my Facebook account, and so far have suffered no withdrawal symptoms if anything I am annoyed that I did not do it earlier. I left because:

  • I felt it was invasive - I was finding out too much about other people, and visa versa.
  • The attempt to change the contract with Facebook users and gain ownership of data a while back was a trigger.

And frankly it seems time to move on from such things - and gain some control back over privacy and private data. We are moving very quickly into an Orwellian world, the UK is already way ahead of us in the States, with CCTV's on every street, face and license plate recognition software everywhere. It has happened so remarkably quickly, and probably as a result of the speed of change we behave as if we have no say in the matter. We do have a say, and currently we do still have some controls and safeguards. We do still live in something similar to a democracy, with legal safeguards and a press that still (though only just) represents a balance of sorts..

I am not against electronic information - heavens that is how I earn my living! But...there are huge implications when it comes to the misuse of data, and the lines between valid, less valid and downright invalid uses is being blurred by the day. And that is not something I am personally comfortable with. For me its way too late, everything from my Marital status to my DNA is held online, but its not too late for most, and its certainly not too late to make a stand and say enough is enough..


screamish said...

hi. did you actually DELETE your account? or just "deactivate it"???

Just curious, I'm trying...have heard horror stories about having to delete every single item on your profile first....wxas it easy for you?

alan pelz-sharpe said...

No I deleted it - its not that hard, but informing all your 'friends' is a pain as you can only inform 20 at a time so need to make up lists.

Bigger annoyance is that the fact that once left, you get lots of messages from Facebook trying to entice you back.

Btw: I have zero regrets about leaving, and now wish I had done it earlier