Friday, April 20, 2007

ECM for Re-Engineering - AIIM Expo 2007

Back in my office after a week at AIIM I am exhausted but elated. We had a great week there, launched the ECM Report, ran a pre-conference workshop, panel discussion etc. We also published a press release on the market turbulence that caused some ire with the vendors. Lots to do then, but so much also to learn.

On the one hand, it would have been easy to take a swipe at the AIIM conference and Expo - as some observed there was no wow factor, no new funky technology. But from my perspective there was a lot of new things (we already have more than enough technology) - there were new thoughts around:

  • ECM SasS models
  • Skills shortages and the training required to fill them
  • More OpenSource ECM options in the pipeline
  • The re-discovery of the importance of business process management in ECM
  • The recognition that paper is not going away and the ECM systems need to work holistically in that hard copy environment
  • More recognition of the difficulty (impossibility) of long term electronic archiving

For me the most important thing maybe is the reawaking of ECM tools as tools of change. ECM should be a toolset to re-engineer your business, and discussions at AIIM this past week brought me to the conclusion that organizations small and large are recognizing this fact. The idea that people will spend huge sums of money on ECM to meet compliancy needs or simply to provide an electronic filing capability is being debunked, and we are getting back to the core value set of ECM (and DM & Workflow) before it - changing the way we do business.

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