Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I'm back!

I am back - reviewed the draft final for the ECM Report - 378 pages! It's looking good - and what a painful but wonderful experience this has been. Hopefully you will all rush out and buy it now, and make the effort worthwhile :-)


I am running a half day workshop at AIIM next monday on how to procure an ECM system - if you are planning to be at AIIM please come along, it should be fun - and I think/hope of value whether you be a buyer, an SI, a consultant or a vendor.

Also at AIIM I am hosting a panel on when E means Enormous - and I have some great panelists lined up - so that should also be a fun and thought provoking session.

In May I will be keynoting the wednesday ECM session at Internet World in London - again as always come up and say hello - my stern and mean demeanor is all a front, I am a softy underneath :-)

We have some big announcements at AIIM regarding some new work we are undertaking - work that I am very excited about......

Also, check out my blog post (will be there today or tomorrow) on CMS Watch - regarding Salesforce.com - one I will be looking into much more over the coming months as that evolves into a true ECM product.

Lot's to write about - lot's to share - a busy year ahead. I'm back - and just wanted to say I have been amazed at the traffic to this blog, even though I have had to neglect it recently. Stay tuned, I have some stuff to annoy, amuse and argue with you about :-)

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