Thursday, May 03, 2007

A Buzzing UK event

I have just returned for a short but very intense visit to London. I was there primarily to speak at Internet World, but had the good fortune to see a lot of things at the show, and talk to many people.
I am writing this up whilst its still fresh in my mind (on the plane) and this trip has left me full of somewhat conflicting thoughts. Top of mind was the conclusion (not just based on this quick visit) that the UK is currently in the early throws of a technology boom, and it looks set to last. What European people were taking for granted at the show, struck me as a level of buzz, interest, excitement and confidence that I have not seen in a long while. And frankly it was in stark contrast to what I have been seeing in the US over the past couple of years.....
Another observation was that the UK tech start up's are looking to expand into Europe and Asia (and in that order) - yet just a few years back the US would have been the first place outside of home that they would have targeted.
Yet another sideways observation was the level of interest in the vibrant and open French Presidential debate held this week - Brits interested in French politics ?!?! - First time in my lifetime for sure...
I am English and live in and love the US. So I am happy to see such vibrancy and Joie de Vivre in Europe, yet equally pained to exchange my lowly Dollar for strong Sterling.
Its not based on much but there seems to be a growing distance between Europe and the US, and it is to the US's detriment - the Europe I see a few times each year, just gets stronger and more vital each time - a long way from the 'Old Europe' I hear described to me by others.

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