Wednesday, December 07, 2005


I recently wrote (eloquently due to Tony Byrne's editing skills) on the topic of RFI's over at CMS Watch where I have kindly been listed as a guest analyst :-)

This really is a pet gripe of mine - people who want a to develop a forward ' strategy' but then rush to the RFP stage for technology. It's common place and often driven by the need to fix a problem quickly - but in turn causes more problems down the line.

Particularly in large firms - its time to stop with the RFP's and RFI's for a while - many have more than enough software already for the time being. Pull back and start to develop a genuine forward strategy and build an architecture out of that strategy - then (and only then) invite vendors to respond to an RFI on how they might fit into this architecture.

If you don't you end up with generic responses to generic questions in a premature RFP and in the long run nobody is happy.

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