Thursday, December 08, 2005

What to talk about on Analyst Panel?

Next tuesday I sit on an analyst panel at the AIIM New England yearly conference in Boston. This is a little odd as I am no longer officially an analyst having moved on from that job six months back. But they seem keen on having me there - so what the heck I am happy to go!

Question is what exactly am I to talk about? Those who know me know that I am rotten at preparing in advance for speaking events. ....

Yet I have an idea that I will be talking again on the key themes that have kept me going over the past few years:-

  • The consolidation of the industry
  • The need for more business examination (analysis and case building) before depolyment of systems
  • The need to address the mobile community more effectively
It seems crazy that these should be the key things yet again, but in truth they are I believe important issues that are seldom addressed properly.

In short the major infrastructure vendors will own the infrastructure, and if you are a small player in there with the majors then you better have a good strategy to be acquired or leave quickly.
Almost no major IT projects that impact business processes undertake proper or thorough analysis of needs, or build out actionable strategies before embarking on spending serious money on software, hardware or services.
And the fact that when it comes to electronic information, whether we like it or not it will take on a life in a mobile environment that we currently can't control and few tech vendors are addressing the situation.

I have met one of the other speakers a few times before - Susan Feldman of IDC - who is one of the worlds leading experts in the field of search technologies. But not the other speaker Carl Frappaolo of Delphi whom I have not met before. These events can be fiesty affairs, as there are usually more than a few clashing ego's sitting side by side (mine being occasionaly one of them) - but they are also one of the occasions when a bunch of people who spend all their working hours studying the same topic get together to talk and argue.
Some of the best ideas come from these events. Fingers crossed this will be the case tuesday.

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