Monday, February 13, 2006

The Glamour of ECM!

Thursday was an odd but eventful day last week - I was the guest speak at the last of my round table events. This one was in Beverly Hills, at the famous Spago - it was well attended, well run, the food and wine was terrific, and Wolfgang Puck himself put in a personal appearence to say hello to everyone! The same day I heard that another keynote is joining us in Denmark later this year - Nick Carr of HBR fame...I don't remember Content Management ever having this kind of profile - long may it continue :-)

The Beverley Hills discussion focused mainly around privacy and security issues, and the need or desire, to deploy some ECM functionality to the masses. As a result of this discussion I revised my now lengthy draft article for CMS Watch and have resubmitted it. Not sure when it will be published or what it will look like when it is, but hopefully it will sumarize more thoroughly the thoughts and discussions on this blog around the evolution of ECM.

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