Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Shortage of workers

A topic I bleat about constantly is the serve lack of people who understand the art and science of managing information. There are lots of people who can manage the technical depolyment of ECM and ERM solutions - but few who really understand the business and human dynamics that underpin the work these technologies are designed to support.

Hence I noticed this today, that according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics' Monthly Labor Review, five career paths in particular will face worker shortages over the coming years:

Featured prominantly is that of Librarian

Reasons for shortages are a combination of increased demand, fewer young people entering the professions, unattractive wages and working conditions.....

'Librarian', is all too close a skill set to 'Record Manager', and I suspect the growing crisis in the lack of skilled information/document/records managers is only going to grow in the short term. It just isn't an attractive, well respected or well paid job at present - but it is from the minds of those who know how to catalogue and track vast swathes of information that the next generation of ECM software should come.

Smart vendors should begin to employ librarians and records managers to guide, validate and structure future approaches to ECM. Smart enterprises should be searching for these talents and rewarding them well to run their information management strategies.

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