Friday, August 31, 2007

Back from Malaysia

Well one thing is for sure, Malaysia is a long way from Boston - my journey was 6 hours from Boston to LA, 13 hours to Taiwan, and another 4 1/2 from there to Kuala Lumpur - add in the stop over time and door to door about 34 hours each way...

Was it worth it? Well yes I think so - I learned a lot in a short time about the state of ECM in Malaysia in particular and Asia in general. I enjoyed listening to some outstanding speakers, some of whom I would love to get to events here in the West, ran a pretty intensive day long workshop - and discovered to my surprise that CMS Watch is quite well known in the region!

Highlights? A series of outstanding presentations from day one are worth noting. I can genuinely say that all the speakers were top notch, and all added genuine new thought and insight to the topic of ECM - you can't say that about many conference tracks.

I thought I would just list a few things that left me thinking over a couple of different blog posts.......First up was the presentation by Professor Eric Tsui, Professor of Knowledge Management at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University:-

  • He stated the challenge for is to only manage critical knowledge/information
  • Pushed the value of the knowledge/content audit (and seemed to have devised a solid methodology for doing so called STOCKS)
  • Emphasised the need to understand that there exist two kinds of Taxonomy (descriptive vs nagivational)
  • Gave me/us tips to both Yahoo Pipes (which I confess to having been ignorant of before) and
  • Recommended that when building filing structures you have a "To be classified" folder - which is better than sticking the content just anywhere and its volume/contents represents a good bellweather as to the validity/success of your taxonomy
Just a bunch of bullet points really ( and some that simply echo my own thinking!) but each worthwhile as tips I think.

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