Friday, August 17, 2007

A day without Skype

You don't know what you've got till it's gone - as the song goes. And I for one truly missed Skype this past day or so. At CMS Watch we use Skype a lot - in fact judging by the shakes we all experienced when Skype was down, we have become pretty dependent on it.

Sure you get cheap/free phone calls - and that's nice - but its the IM we use the most.

I resisted IM for a long time - figuring it was a passing fad (show's what I know) but it's our typical way of communicating between our different work locations, and now I use it every day.

I think the appeal of IM though is not just in the ease of use to chat - but in the fact that you can see who is online and their status. Actually I think that is what I missed the most - not feeling a connection between my colleagues and myself. As a homeworker that's important - and frankly I find it comforting just to know people are there and busy - maybe I am terminally insecure, but I do think that IM's success is as much to do with bringing a human touch (I know you are there) to computing.

My little Skype list of friends and colleagues with green status saying they are on line tells me that all is well, and I missed it very much...


Anonymous said...

Damaka is here to help... I am just the messenger!!!

Damaka is an awesome P2P software, similar to Skype but has many more features and looks to have better technology.

Along with the usual suspects like P2P Audio/ video calls, IM, voicemail, conferencing... it also has great video conferencing (Skype doesnt have it)... great collaboration features like Desktop sharing, application sharing and file sharing, ability to connect to MSN, Yahoo, AOL & GTalk (this is great as my company does not allow us to install MSN or yahoo messengers)

It has some really cool features that you guys must check out...


alan pelz-sharpe said...

Thanks Jeff

Had a quick look - no Mac version!

That's heresy in my house ;-)