Thursday, August 23, 2007

ECM in Malaysia and the next report

Next week the blog will be quiet again - as I am off to Kuala Lumpur on Saturday for an ECM conference and workshop that will run next week on the tuesday and wednesday. I have been reading through the pre conference questionnaires today to get a feel for those who will be attending my workshop next week. What first struck me was the commonality with issues that people are facing there with those of us in the US and Europe - but also the distinct differences.
I plan to blog on this when I get back - as I may be wrong about a couple of things and want to confirm first before presuming too much. Still it looks like a smart bunch planning to attend so I shall have to make sure I am on form :-)

On my return it will be back into the thick of it on V2 of the ECM Suites Report (yes time does fly) - V1 has been a success for sure, and I want to take this next version even further. I will be taking on some of the feedback I have received to date, and looking at some new vendors - as well as some big upgrades to the existing players. always your thoughts much appreciated, such reports are always a group effort, and as we work only for buyers and users of technology, your input is vital. Yes I make my living this way (lucky me) but I hope that our reports and the work/thoughts we publish on the website are a true service and add value.

Areas I would love to get some thoughts around (things I have been noodling for a while) are around Governance for ECM - and how ECM plays in a true SOA environment. Both issues can seem a bit like fighting with fog - so I am trying to formulate better and more concise questions and areas to probe to get to some kind of concusion regarding the individual offerings out there....if you have ideas please share them!

Also having built the new BPM training course for AIIM - I want to think more around the relationship here with ECM. Regular readers of this blog will know that this is a topic I am very interested in - but its a truly messy one. Both sets of vendors just don't want to see the others perspective - but I wonder if (as in so many other areas) BPM and ECM may get slammed together by the MOI (Microsoft, IBM and Oracle) regardless? What differentiates true Enterprise ECM or BPM players from the rest - again I have my thoughts but would love to hear yours also.

My iPod is loaded, laptop charged and sunglasses at the ready - Air Malaysia here I come....

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