Friday, January 20, 2006

Google - Information on You

Just been reading up on the DOJ's lawsuit to ensure Google provides access to information its has about 'You'...

Article on The Register

Well its hardly a suprise, as the idea of the Web being anonymous and self governing has long been complete baloney. It is not now and certainly will not be at all in the future.

Concerning the DOJ's actions against Google, it is not that I feel strongly either way about this whole topic, other than to say information out of context, can be very dangerous. Simply storing vast quantities of data on a person, set of transactions or virtual activity, does not always provide you with something of value or truth. And 'Truth' is central to all this - what is truthful and accurate? For example though I have a lot of time for Oracle's moves into the world of Information (unstructured particularly) data management, I loathe their use of the term 'Single Source of Truth'.

Truth is a very abstract and human concept that is way beyond the capacity of a computer to comprehend. Likewise, providing unfettered access to vast banks of personal data to the governement or their agents, may not be in itself wrong, but may well have consequences that we are yet to fully expect, or understand.

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