Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Theme of the week so far...

This week is a whistle stop tour of the US, a city a day, and meetings with CIO's and ECM Project Managers galore. The theme of the week so far is.....reality.

More on this in a more considered post, but as discussed at an earlier date, everyone wants to consolidate their ECM activity (this is good), nobody wants to rip and replace (also good). The discussions we currently have range around the topic of how one consolidates...is this by a single (if federated virtual) repository, or by a common taxonomy, or by the use of ECI tools across multiple disparate repositories, or via workflows...is it a bit of all things?

What is clear is that the big ECM vendors particulary Documentum & FileNET are resurgent in the marketplace, but that others are really rapidbly falling into a trailing position. Many large enterprises want an enterprise scale suite of ECM tools, they also (rightly) want to consolidate their server and database layers, and in the best cases also want to loop this into a hierachical storage exercise. But all recognise that some things are going to cause more trouble than they are worth to change, and leave well alone.

Such a pragmatic, but nonetheless bold vision of an ECM future is very heartening :-)

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