Monday, January 23, 2006

Keynoting with Ted Nelson

I received an email friday from Janus Boye, the organiser of the cmf2006 in Denmark informing me that Ted Nelson will also be keynoting at the event. I really wasn't too sure how to reply...

Ted Nelson (for those of you who don't know) is very famous in the world of IT, some (many) might say infamous. He is credited with inventing the hyperlink, which in itself when one thinks about it virtually transformed the internet into what it is today. He is though equally well know for his Project Xanadu.

I am posting links to two sides of the argument here and will stay out of it - but will say it makes for fine reading....

What interests me most is in having the chance to actually meet Ted. And without going into Xanadu at all, I think Ted is fundamentally right about the need for content to be inter-related and be able to inter-relate, rather then the stand alone existence of most pieces of content today. Though on a different slant, my constant rants about context being central to RM and ECM usually falls on deaf ears, but I still believe it to be fundamentally correct. In honesty it does not always fall on deaf ears, occasionaly I find a like mind...but not often.

We talk a lot in this industry about silo's of information, but even when centralised and federated nicely, most content sitting in repositories is in turn siloed. More on this in another more detailed post. For now I encourage you to find out more about Ted, and would recommend you to read his own work, before the Wired article slamming him - just like his central thesis, both together make something of a whole, apart they lack context.

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